CSR and non-financial performance /NFIS/

Although it has acquired an international dimension, Rubis has remained a company that is on a human scale which, through a decentralised organisation, encourages professionalism, experience and autonomy of its employees, who assume all the responsibilities tied to their positions, including the management of non-financial risk.Rubis believes that involving Management in CSR issues at all levels of the organisation is key to ensuring the sustainability of its activities (section 4.1.1). To better focus its efforts, the Group has carried out a risk analysis that identified 15 risks as being the most material in terms of its activities (section 4.1.2).

These risks are grouped around five priority issues that underpin the Group’s CSR approach:

  • limiting the environmental impact of its activities (section 4.2.2);
  • operating in a safe environment (section 4.2.3);
  • fighting against climate change (section 4.3);
  • attracting, developing and retaining talents (section 4.4);
  • operating responsibly and with integrity (4.5).