The Group or Rubis

These terms refer to Rubis SCA, Rubis Énergie, the Rubis Terminal JV, and their respective subsidiaries as presented in the organisational chart on page 32.


The Company or Rubis SCA

These terms refer to the holding company set up in the form of a Partnership Limited by Shares (Société en Commandite par Actions), and whose shares are listed on Euronext Paris.


Rubis Énergie

This term refers to Rubis Énergie SAS, a subsidiary of Rubis SCA, and its subsidiaries, whose two activities are the distribution (Retail & Marketing) of energies and the supply, shipping and refining (Support & Services).


Rubis Terminal JV

This term refers to Rubis Terminal Infra, the operating subsidiary of RT Invest, and its subsidiaries, whose activity is bulk liquid storage.


RT Invest

This term refers to the parent company of Rubis Terminal Infra, owned 55% by Rubis SCA and 45% by Cube Storage Europe HoldCo Ltd (an investment vehicle set up by I Squared Capital).



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