The Group’s activities are organised around two divisions (see chapter 1):

•   Energy Distribution (Rubis Énergie – Retail & Marketing and Support & Services activities);

•   Renewable Electricity Production (Rubis Renouvelables).

Rubis SCA also owns 55% of the equity interest in the Rubis Terminal joint venture, which it controls jointly with its partner and which it accounts for using the equity method.

The diversity in the Group’s activities and the nature of the products it handles exposes it to risks that are regularly identified, updated and monitored as part of a rigorous management process aimed at mitigating these risks to the fullest extent possible, in accordance with applicable regulations, international standards and professional best practices.

Rubis has identified 15 risk factors related to its activities, considered significant and specific, divided into four categories (section 3.1).

For many years the Group has also implemented internal control procedures (section 3.2) that contribute to controlling its activities and to the effectiveness of its risk management policy.

Finally, regarding residual risks that cannot be completely eliminated, the Group ensures that they are covered by appropriate insurance policies whenever possible (section 3.3).